• KV series
  • Optical measuring instrument
  • One-button measuring instrument
  • Three coordinate measuring instrument
  • Industrial CT measuring instrument
  • Online intelligent measuring instrument

    KV series

    High-end 2D+3D size measuring instrument

    KV series products adopt gantry structure, reliable operation and easy operation. Compared with other series products, they are more efficient and flexible. It is a high-end type that can be measured by Eagle Eagle. It can measure 2D+3D (imager + three coordinates). Measuring instrument.
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    The PV series is a classic imager for production environments. It has a smaller footprint and combines 2D+3D (imager + three coordinates), making it the first choice for modern SMEs.
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    One-button measuring instrument

    2D image size measuring instrument

    The one-button measuring instrument Q series is a fixed platform flash meter developed by Eagle Group. It not only condenses many technical achievements in the field of image detection, but also incorporates the innovative detection concept of fast flash measurement. For complex workpieces, only Quick detection is possible with one click.
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    Three coordinate measuring instrument

    Germany Wenze WENZEL workshop type three coordinates

    Universal measuring equipment for production environments, small footprint and excellent cost performance, high speed and acceleration ensure higher measurement efficiency, powerful side and optical sensor combination, greatly improving measurement and The efficiency of the test process is now ideal for the metal cutting and forming industry.
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    Industrial CT measuring instrument

    WENZEL exaCT U

    According to performance levels, the exaCT U is one of the most compact computed tomography devices on the market. It has five independent horizontal axes that provide amazing resolution. Hardware and software provide the possibility of automatic integration into the production line and market-oriented issues related to Industry 4.0.
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